How we work

Friends of SBT is a UK registered charity. We support street children in India, by:

raising funds for Salaam Baalak Trust and its beneficiaries

raising awareness of street children’s issues in the UK

making it easier for those in the UK to support, volunteer at, raise funds for or remain connected with SBT.


The chart below shows the amounts in £ sterling that we have been able to transfer to SBT in Delhi in recent years.  We are delighted that this sum has increased steadily.

We aim to support:

  • Where appropriate, routine running costs.  This applies particularly where other donors are unwilling for their funds to be used in this way.  Donations for capital expenditure or new project funding has an important role to play, but none of SBT’s programmes can be delivered without significant expense on unglamorous essentials such as monthly salaries, food and transport.
  • Contact Points.  In past years we have been keen to support contact points, on the grounds that they have a big impact on a large number of children’s lives for very low overheads.  The interventions made by staff on a daily basis to children in the most immediate need are life enhancing and sometimes life saving.
  • Annual tours.  When shelter homes without air conditioning swelter in the unremitting Delhi heat from late April to September – and particularly in the scorching temperatures in May and the humidity of June and July – a chance to travel outside the city to one of the hill stations gives much needed relief.  But for the contact point children that we have supported, do more than that.  They allow prolonged contact between children who still live on the street and counsellors from shelter homes, in a way that builds trust and helps the children make the important decision to leave the streets and join a shelter.  

Facilitating Sponsorship

Foreign donations to India cannot be made online, so it is expensive and time-consuming for individual donors to support particular children directly.  Friends of SBT provides an easier route for would-be sponsors, who can set up a simple monthly or quarterly donation through PayPal.  We transfer the funds along in our next transfer to India.