Who we are - FoSBT(UK)

Several of the FoSBT Trustees and early 'Friends' are current or former volunteers with SBT in Delhi, who were determined that our support for the street children whose world we had visited should not come to an end on simply because we had to return to the UK. Our experiences with the kids at various shelter homes in Delhi touched us, changed our perspectives and left us hungry for more. With the support of others with experience in the voluntary sector, and of the founders of SBT in India, the idea for an official UK organisation came about as a way to celebrate 20 years since SBT (the inspiration for FoSBT) first started to coax children off the unforgiving streets of India's capital and into an environment in which they could hope to lead meaningful lives.


We have not listed the entire army of Friends here, but the current FoSBT registered Trustees count the following volunteers:

  • Nidhi Agarwal

    Nidhi currently works as a banker in London. Having studied in Delhi where she spent several months teaching Maths to some of the boys at Apna Ghar, she found the experience very enriching. She was taken on officially as a teacher but was so inspired by SBT's work that she refused to claim the expenses she was owed. Her enthusiasm to do more for the children was instrumental in the formation of FoSBT and has also been known to express itself in poetry!

  • Veronica Gledhill Hall

    Veronica is a Producer and Business Affairs Executive within the UK television production industry, a long-term friend of India and a colleague of SBT's founding Trustee Sanjoy Roy, with whom she developed and produced the award-winning Super30 for Al Jazeera English and Discovery India. She is also a trustee of Jaisalmer in Jeopardy with a remit to conserve the 12th Century Rajasthani fort.

  • Nick Thompson

    Nick is a partner at a firm of notaries in London. In 2006 he went on a 'City Walk' tour with one of SBT's graduate ex-street kids (now a tour guide, obviously), was strongly impressed by what he saw, went back to volunteer in early 2007 and now manages to escape from his documents whenever possible (currently about four months every year) to live in Delhi and do a variety of work with street children.

  • Tom Taylor

    Tom qualified as a solicitor in London and now works in the field of venture philanthropy. He did the same 'City Walk' three years after Nick, on the back of a couple of weeks filming with an NGO in Rwanda as part of a corporate social responsibility programme. Struck by the parallels and contrasts between poverty in Africa and poverty in India, he decided to dig a little deeper and got hooked.