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The video series: child-centred stories from SBT

Every child who needs the support of Salaam Baalak Trust has a unique story that makes them special. Thanks to the charity, their future story is more likely to be a positive one. SBT have created a series of video shorts celebrating some of these children.



Little Zoya was forced to beg for a living Zoya on the streets of Delhi. Thankfully, she was rescued by one of SBT's on-the-ground teams and taken to the safety of one of their shelter homes. Today, Zoya is being educated, making friends, and experiencing a more healthy and wholesome childhood.


SUNNY Three years after his mother died, Sunny took a train to Delhi where he worked as a ragpicker. He was rescued from the platforms of New Delhi Railway Station by a team from SBT. Today, Sunny studies in the 6th grade and lives in a safe and caring environment. The intervention by Salaam Baalak Trust saved Sunny’s life and protected his childhood...



Street and working children are deprived of a life of dignity and basic resources. Parveen was one of them but she was rescued and brought to one of the shelters of Salaam Baalak Trust at the age of 13. Today, Parveen is a make-up artist at one of the most well-known brands in the industry, Affinity Salon.



Hailing from the state of Uttar Pradesh, Naveen used to live on the streets of Delhi, scraping a meagre living by selling balloons. After intervention by SBT, he has been residing at one of SBT's Children's Homes. Naveen has been enrolled in a formal school and is currently studying in the 6th grade.



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